Engaged patients are more likely to achieve intended

pharmaceutical goals.

We manage medication therapy to patients with complicated medical history with multiple, chronic medical problems and complex medical regimens.

Our team of Clinical Pharmacists uses several methods, such as graphic images and show and tell to educate and communicate medication instructions, precautions, and warnings to make sure the necessary medication messages are understood and implemented. 

  • Reduce risk of polypharmacy
  • Identify drug misuse/abuse
  • Help prioritize treatment and interventions
  • Optimize adherence to both pharmacologic and Non-pharmacological interventions
  • Identify inappropriate medication for the patient
  • Appropriate use of the prescribed medication
  • Appropriate monitoring of medications for effect and adverse drug events (ADE)
  • Avoidance of drug interactions
  • Involvement of the patient in the prescribing process
  • Reduce prescription medication costs by providing generic alternatives
  • Medication reconciliation

We at MedKatallage offer medication therapy consulting services, designed to help your treatment needs reach its goal. Our service is design to craft a plan to maximize your medication regimen and prevent risks associated with the transition of care. Our Clinical Pharmacists identify the needs and provide strategies that work to achieve your treatment goals safely.

We provide in-person professional visit at your site to analyze medication related needs and provide a detailed analysis of our findings. We can serve as your advocate with physicians to ensure the use of the most appropriate medication regimen. 

MedKatallage Services